cover of bookIn the spring of 1861,

In June of 1861, Austin Smith, Deloss Haviland and Lewis A. Haviland volunteered to help defend their country after rebel forces attacked Fort Sumter in Charleston, South Carolina. They frequently wrote home to their brother Russell M. Cadwell and their sister Harriet Smith. Their letters were compiled in a book by family descendant Linda Glaza-Herrington to make their stories of sacrifice during a defining moment in America's history available to all family descendants.

The 520 page book includes:

- 56 family Civil War letters written from the front lines.
- All letters are transcribed for easy reading.

- Historical Annotations help the reader understand the letters in the context of the larger historical events swirling about the letter writers.
- Family Annotations help the reader understand the history of their family and the challenges faced by the three soldiers and their families at home.

- Dozens of old family photos provided by many family members.
- Historical photos and illustrative drawings from the Library of Congress Civil War collection.
- Original maps and charts.

- Two separate four generation descending genealogies prepared by Ginny (Ambrose) Cummings, Diane (Glaza) Kodet and Sylvia (Rossman) Richards
- Tree charts to help you understand how you are related to the letter writers and letter recipients.